Horror movies of the 1970’s and 80’s occupy a unique niche in film history.  This is when directors were able to push the boundaries of violence and gore, but before CGI ruined it all.  Gore was campy, and special effects were created with innovative and thoughtful techniques (most of the time).  A lot of these movies are horror classics that we still revere today.  Most of them, however, are not.

Camp Gore is a site dedicated to sifting through these movies for your viewing pleasure.  Films both well-known and long-forgotten will be reviewed with brutal honesty, and rated overall on a scale from 0 (disgracefully unscary, head-scratchingly dull, utter waste of time) to 10 (pants-wettingly terrifying, cringe-worthy gory, thought-provoking really hot babes).

If anyone is so moved to see one of the movies listed on this site, but is having a hard time finding it, contact me and I might be able to help you out.  Also, I welcome any guest bloggers if you have a movie you’d like to review on here.  Lastly, a special thanks to James “Lorcan” Miller for designing the banner art!




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