Night of the Creeps (1986)


The movie takes place in 1986, but opens with a back story 27 years earlier.  An alien spaceship jettisons a canister that crashes into Earth.  A guy and his gal speed off from make-out point to investigate.  Meanwhile an escaped mental patient on a murderous rampage just so happens to be hiding out in the area.  Fast forward back to the present day and we’re at Cormin University.  Heartsick (name) is pining over the campus hottie and convinces his buddy JC that the best way to impress girls would be to join a fraternity (chicks dig guys who can drink a beer through their butt).  The two bungle an initiation test, accidentally unleashing brain-infesting space slugs that turn their hosts into zombies.


This film was written by director Frank Dekkar as a tribute to the horror genre, and is a real treat as it mashes together elements from zombie, alien, and slasher movies.  Perceptive viewers may even notice that several characters are named after some of the pioneers and pillars of horror film.

This is about as campy as a movie can get.  First, the dialogue is really top-notch.  The hilarious blend of tongue-in-cheek humor and general 80s speak is half the fun.  It goes from good-bad to good-absurd until it is finally capped off at the end with a slew of over the top one liners spoken before a zombie greasing, that make little to absolutely no sense:  “It’s Miller Time!”

almost as good as the “Tap the Rockies!” kill scene

Speaking of zombie deaths, the weaponry used to purge the invading gastropods is diverse and crude and makes for some excellent splatter scenes.

Again, the best part of this film is its subgenre diversity.  Killer space slugs would seemingly pigeon-hole this flick into the ‘alien/sci-fi’ category, until you add in the zombies and the axe-toting maniacs (both pre and post zombification).  Secondly, this film adds another dimension that allows us to get into the back stories of the characters and shows us the relationships they have with each other in a way that many horror movies either fail or don’t even try to do.  And if that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, there’s also a scene with soaped-up boobs!

Overall Score: 9

This is exactly what I’m looking for in a cheesy horror movie.  The gore was intense and plentiful, the plot holes were negligible, and the boobs were soapy. Hats off to you, Night O’ the Creeps.

BONUS: Check out the alternate ending available on some of the DVD releases:



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